PNC Championship 2022

PNC Championship 2022: The PGA Tour Champions are traveling to Orlando, Florida for the 2022 PNC Championship. This year the event is taking place at Ritz-Carlton Golf Club. Tiger Woods and his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren divorced shortly after the car crash incident that occurred almost a decade back. However, even after the split, both of them have taken the role of co-parents for their children. Tiger’s friend recently talked about their co-parenting style.

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Tiger Woods is undoubtedly one of the most skilled players in Golf. His approach to the game is unmatchable. Undoubtedly, he is as good a father as he is a player.

Ever since Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s divorce back in 2010 they have taken on the role of co-parents for their children, Sam and Charlie. Both Elin and Tiger have done a fantastic job so far. They value the privacy and well-being of their Children and have put their needs first. Both of them make it a point to show up in support of Sam and Charlie.

One of Woods’s friends and an analyst at Golf Channel, Notah Begay III, once talked about the way both Woods and Nordegren have gone about the co-parenting situation.

Elin Nordegren showed up to the 2020 PNC Championship to support her son, Charlie Woods. Junior Woods was then playing with his father, Tiger Woods. Keeping aside her differences with Tiger, Nordegren made it a point to show up in support of Charlie and be present during the same.

Woods and Charlie’s team up for PNC Championship

Tiger Woods and his son, Charlie Woods are all set to team up for the PNC Championship 2022. The event is scheduled from 15 December to 18 December.

The car crash that Tiger faced in 2021 impacted his career in a lot of ways. Thus, he went on a break. However, Tiger’s comeback after four months this December has been rather inspiring.

The father-son duo is a fan favorite for the PNC Championship where they finished 2nd last year.

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